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Bodyguard jobs

There is a common stereotype of a bodyguard that is often seen in films: wearing dark sunglasses, black suit and carrying an imposing as well as an intimidating physique. However, it is a mistake to think of bodyguards as mindless thugs turned professional. Bodyguards have to be intelligent in order to be effective in their role. They have to be organized, logistical and ultimately anticipate any danger that may arise in the future.

There is the potential to earn very high competitive salaries. Bodyguard jobs can sometimes be very glamorous: traveling around the world whilst meeting and protecting interesting people from politicians, athletes and celebrities. Fundamentally though, regardless of client, you always need to be professional, calm and trustworthy.

How to become a bodyguard

It is very important to have a good education as the foundation of your career. Bodyguards need to be literate and possess good communication skills. For example, graduating from high school is a demonstration to employers that you can think logically and work with others.

However, it is recommended that you explore other educational routes in order to further your career as a bodyguard. Indeed attaining an associate’s degree in criminal justice, personal security and law enforcement would greatly enhance your prospects.

It is also helpful to undertake courses such as first aid, public safety and risk assessment to prepare yourself for bodyguard jobs. Moreover, you need to do the necessary research to check if you require a license in order to operate as a bodyguard – particularly a license to carry a weapon.

Bodyguard jobs are popular with those possessing a military or police background. The most prestigious security firms are attracted to people such as army veterans. Of course, experience in other security roles including doorman is advantageous. However, do remember that a doorman and security guard deal with low-level security, whereas a bodyguard encounters higher risk and as a result receives higher salaries.

Another option to consider if you don’t have military experience is to become a certified bodyguard. There are academic institutions that do offer a quick course that leads to certification. Also professional security organizations such as ASIS provide an opportunity to be certified depending on entry requirements.

Bodyguard training

You will need to make sure that you are as fit and healthy as possible. If not, then you will have to embark on a strict fitness regime, so it may be useful to work with a personal trainer. There are classes available to increase stamina, endurance and strength such as running, weightlifting and rowing.

It is also essential to learn as well as practice self-defense and hand-to-hand combat such as engaging in martial arts. Even yoga is helpful to a bodyguard as a way to maintain peak mental condition.

Crash training programs are worth exploring at certain police stations, security firms and military bases, whereby one can practice the use of firearms. These programs can also help one to think tactically and to plan strategically as part of the short training course.

So there are many ways you can keep yourself busy: to continually enhance your prospects. It is a hugely rewarding job that carries a huge responsibility. Your clients have to trust you and sometimes put their lives in your hands. Yet security and protection are hugely valued assets and therefore the number of bodyguard jobs continues to grow in the world today.

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